We’re moving!

I have a new website to hang my Let’s Plays and my art and stuff on: http://www.beefgnawpolis.com/

It’s pretty nice. You should go take a look.

The scariest part of Sky Factory

That last log.

That last log.

oops my hand slipped

(849): Hey, thanks for not calling the cops when I answered the door naked, high as fuck, and covered in red velvet cake batter.

I may have doodled a Text From Last Night.

(also I may have mistyped the area code but oh well)

So just how bad do y’all want facecam, anyway?

Folks, if you’ve been watching my videos or streams for any length of time, you know I don’t do facecam. Hell, it’s right there on my business cards: “no facecam.” And there are a few reasons for this. First, the simple fact that I don’t own a facecam. Second, I don’t want to deal with syncing up footage, ain’t nobody got time for that. Third, I’d prefer to just show off what goes on in the game and leave my mug out of it. And fourth, I really, really do not want to deal with the inevitable comments on my appearance.

All that notwithstanding, there’s always someone asking for facecam on the stream and I’m starting to think about maybe trying it.

But here’s the thing: I am not going to buy a cam and go to the trouble of setting up the stream and stuff if that is not a thing people want. And I’m sure as hell not going to do it on, say, Deadly Premonition unless I am sure that is a thing people want.

So here’s what I need: for you to put your money where your mouth is.

You’ll notice I have a whole new set of milestones, three of which are facecam-related. If you really want to see my face on my streams, or on dating sims, or on horror games including Deadly Premonition, you know what to do.


*blows dust and cobwebs off website*

Okay, well, I found a plugin that harvests the videos off YouTube and stuffs them right over there in the sidebar so I don’t have to remember to post them here every day so maybe now I’ll actually use this blog again? Aheheheh

Cooking With Sarah S2 E6: Simple Sushi

We’re back in our Magic Farm 2 kitchen this week to cook up a light meal of grilled asparagus (because we don’t have tempura), miso soup, and several kinds of sushi along with dessert and drinks.

Resonant Rise Pt. 33: Cactus Hunting & Dartcraft for Dumbbutts

I haven’t had much luck finding a desert, so I go back to the Twilight Forest in hopes of finding a hedge maze with a bit of cactus in its loot caches. When that doesn’t work out the way I hoped, I head home to put Twilight loot away and go plant stuff in the greenhouse, and while I poke NEI to see what I can do with Dartcraft I make a discovery that makes me feel really, really dumb.

Outlast Pt. 4: Chilling in Lockers

I’ve found two of the three things I need to poke to get the power back on, but the third eludes me. So I spend a lot of time wandering the halls in the basement. Which also means I spend a lot of time running from Stabby McStabs and hiding in lockers. And then I feel dumb when I find out where Thing 3 is.

The Legend of Stumpelda Ep. 15: Clearing the Air

I finally fight my way back up to the kitchen in Duosric’s temple in hopes of finding my stuff, but it’s already gone. Now I have no choice but to hope there’s some armor in the chests upstairs. There are a few pieces, along with a nasty surprise–another Walker King on the roof.

Magical Diary Pt. 5: Apples & Apple By-Products

This week the upperclassmen flounce off to an apple festival. Ellen does not know what an apple festival is. Nor has she ever eaten apple pie. This girl has led a terrifyingly sheltered life.

Speaking of Ellen, I lose every last bit of my shit at her description of herself.

Also I had to draw her…

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