• Sarah Lerxst Belham
  • she/her, he/him, honestly idgaf. Neither one of them is exactly right but neither one of them is wrong and they’re all we have other than the singular “they” which I’m personally not crazy about
  • 40
  • Stinkadena, Texas
  • Tenor
  • Redhead (subject to change at any time and without notice)
  • Unitarian Universalist/agnostic/lapsed Wiccan

YouTube Schedule

  • Mondays: Minecraft Natural Magic Creative Building (network TV-safe language)
  • Tuesdays: Random Crap (including but not limited to Bastion, Cook Serve Delicious, Magical Diary, Hatoful Boyfriend, and who even knows what else; uncensored language)
  • Wednesdays: Sky Factory (standard LP; network TV-safe language)
  • Thursdays: Sarah Plays a Scary Thing (currently Deadly Premonition; uncensored language)
  • Fridays: Minecraft Natural Magic Survival (network TV-safe language)
  • Saturdays: Yogscast Complete SSP: Going Postal (standard LP with plot thread; network TV-safe language
  • Sundays: Karma Culinary Quest (Complete-The-Monument LP in which I work to fill up a food museum; family-friendly language)

Twitch Schedule

  • Mondays 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM Central: Monday Night Hardcore (Various Minecraft hardcore worlds)
  • Some Wednesdays/Thursdays/Fridays, same time slot: Grab Bag (vanilla? random mod pack? survival? creative? random server? something that isn’t even Minecraft!? it is a mystery)
  • Some Sunday evenings: Sunday Golf (The Golf Club, random course)

Friend Codes and such

  • Wii: 3840-4042-1130-6228
  • 3DS: 4554-0135-7976
  • Pokemon Black: 4169-7103-9170
  • Pokemon Black 2: 1292-6033-1725
  • Steam: •BpG•GBSarahBelham
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf Dream Address: 4300-2156-5766


What texture pack are you using in Minecraft?

SOARTEX FANVER 4LYFE. Regular for vanilla and Soartex FTB for Feed the Beast except on Yogcraft, where I’ll use Sphax. Also I’m using Sphax in Hexxit because it’s basically the only pack that has most of those mods covered.

Can you tell me how to do [insert insanely complicated redstone/ComputerCraft/GregTech/etc. thing here]?

My crowning redstone achievement was wiring up Soul Cage spawners in a way that was not ugly. My most complex machine setup was a wall of magmatic-powered pulverizers, powered furnaces, chests, and diamond pipes.  My proudest technological achievement has been a thing I refer to as a Redneck Reactor, which is just a bunch of Mekanism heat generators with lava poured on them. And someone else told me how to do that.

Please go ask someone who knows what the hell they are doing.

Why don’t you stream when I’m awake/home/not busy/not watching someone else’s stream/etc?

Because I’m not awake/home/not busy/not watching someone else’s stream/etc. when you are.

Are you going to do a/an [insert game/Minecraft modpack here] YouTube series?

If it is a) a game I want to make time to play, b) a game that would be fun to watch without me having to edit out a bunch of boring levelgrindy crap (i.e. every RPG ever), c) a game I can afford, and d) a game that will not get me slapped with copyright warnings because the publisher doesn’t like LPs (i.e. Nintendo anything), then… maybe.

Do you still play on Myranium?

No. I wish them the best in the future, but I’m just not enjoying it anymore. Nothing personal.

What software do you use to record and edit and stuff?

FRAPS to record video and sound, Sony Vegas Movie Studio 12 Platinum (which is basically Vegas For Big Dumb Babbies) to edit, and OpenBroadcaster to stream. Sometimes I use Audacity to record voice.

How much time does it take to do your videos?

I get up at 6 AM during the week to upload that day’s video, and now that I’ve discovered my computer can handle uploading a thing while playing/recording another thing, I’ll be able to record at least one and possibly up to three videos’ worth of footage in the mornings before I have to get ready to go to my day job. Then I come home and edit and render for an hour or two or three. On the weekends I do whateverthefuck, maybe spend about 4-5 hours on SPaT stuff. All told, about 25 hours a week on average to crank out a video almost every day.

Do you make money off your videos or streams? 

Yes. Just a little, at this point. Quitting my day job is not even remotely on the radar yet.

Why do you use female pronouns to refer to the TF2 Pyro?

Because unless and until Valve confirms that the Pyro is male and does so in a way that leaves no doubt whatsoever (and no, the Scout saying what sounds like “he’s not here, is he” in Meet the Pyro does not count… for one thing, it’s possible that the Scout has just never seen the Pyro unmasked and is defaulting to male pronouns as people tend to do and for another, turn subtitles on and watch that part carefully and for yet another, the Heavy refers to the Pyro as “it” but I don’t see anyone on tumblr waving that around as proof that the Pyro is a robot) I’m going to assume she isn’t. And it’s not like I’m just pulling this out of my ass, either. The Humiliation stance. The less-than-manly Schadenfreude taunt laugh. That little flowery purse in spawn. The girliest hat in the game (except maybe the Medic’s geisha wig). The little high-five squeeclapdance. And as for the voice, I am frequently called “sir” on the phone.

(full headcanon disclosure: the RED Pyro is a sort of pear-shaped lady with short hair that looks like she cuts it herself, possibly by the handful with the Sniper’s kukri. Her name is Sam. The BLU Pyro is a long-haired hippie dude named Leslie. They are both Yukoners who for whatever reason were born with internal thermostats that were not calibrated for that climate and spent much of their childhoods fantasizing about setting their entire hometowns on fire just so they could finally for once get warm, and they both have scars and criminal records that suggest they’ve tried it at least once. )

Why don’t you link to your DeviantArt gallery?

Because I don’t have one! I do have a Pixiv account though.

And to answer your next question, this is why I don’t have a DeviantArt account.

Seriously, that place is a fucking cesspool.

Link to my site!

Whoa there. Does your site promote a fan group or convention that operates in the state of Texas? Does it sell cosplay items, toys, books, games, or other such things I might find interesting? Is it full of art that is relevant to my interests? Is it otherwise a sort of site I would visit regularly? If so, the answer is… maybe.

Build me props!

LOL, no. I do this stuff for me and a very, very small group of friends and that’s it. Period. No, not even if you pay me.

Draw me stuff!

Ahaha. Are you sure you want to throw money at me to produce a piece of art for you?

No, seriously, are you absolutely sure? 

Maaaaybe you’d better take a look through my gallery and see what sort of stuff I do before you start waving money at me, because somehow I get the feeling you’re expecting OMG SHINY ANIMU/OMG SRS COMIC BUK/OMG SWEET REALIZM and you are going to be very, very, very disappointed.

If you HAVE looked at the sort of shit I produce and you still want to give me money to draw you something, let me know and we’ll figure out how much of it you’ll need to throw at me. We’ll start at $2 for a quick doodle on an ATC and go from there.

If you’d like to buy a print (or in some cases, even a sticker or a shirt) of something I’ve put up here, you can do so at my RedBubble store. If you want one of the originals, let me know and unless it’s one I’ve already gotten rid of or don’t want to part with, we’ll work something out.

Um no, I meant for free!


(NOTE: I do not include people seeking donations to possibly be sold off for charity or whatnot in this LOL GTFO sentiment; I might be willing to work with you in that case.)

[insert racist/sexist/homophobic/other -ist “joke” here] HAW HAW LOOK HOW FUNNY I AM

Haw haw, look how banned you are.

And yes, this does include shit like calling people “fags” or using “gay” as an insult. What are you, twelve? Grow up and/or gtfb2/b/.

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