Resonant Rise Pt. 32: Old MacStumpy Has Some Farms

Not one, not two, but THREE different kinds of farms get worked on today! First, I finally put all those spawners to work (why oh why did I think jacking a cave spider spawner was a good idea). Then I swap out saplings in my tree farm and have it grow force trees for a while. Finally, I plant some stuff in my future greenhouse.

Cooking With Sarah S2 E5: Witchy Kitchen

What we’re cooking today isn’t for eating… unless you like the taste of wood ash and poisonous flowers. Today we’re taking our first baby steps in the Witchery mod, and to do that we’ll need to make a few handy reference guides.

Resonant Rise Pt. 31: Twilight Revenge!

Hey, remember that time I was a dumb butt and went to the Twilight and jumped into a labyrinth totally unprepared and died and for some reason my gravestone didn’t appear where I died and I lost every last bit of my stuff? Well, I’m back in the labyrinth with a force wrench and a ridiculous but effective strategy to keep Minotaurs from handing me my butt. And after I collect a Minotaur spawner and find what looks like a Minoshroom room, I find something amazing.

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